You must have heard and read about gold plating several times before, particularly on goldgenie.com. But have you heard about chrome plating before? Keep calm and read through as you discover new ways of getting things done and enriching your pockets along the way. Unlike hard chrome plating used in industrial applications, it is the technique of coating the surface of a metal with a very tiny layer of chromium.

Because the layer of chrome is incredibly thin, there is usually another layer of nickel coating added to make it more concrete. Once the nickel coating is achieved, the chrome plating is then carried out.

One of the exciting bit about adding the nickel plating is to give the metal a smoother appearance and to offer more corrosion resistance. Aside from this, the thin layer of chrome also has the features of giving a bluish hue while protecting the underlying nickel from wear and minimizes scratching.

What Can be Chrome Plating?

They say good things don’t last; you may want to see and feel a chrome-plated finish before you say that again, the beautiful prowess of combining aesthetics and durability has made chrome plating a beloved method of metal coating, particularly in the automobile industry. So much that it’s the application has spread widely into several other areas like cutlery parts, sanitary items, tools, and Ironmongery.

With chrome plating, you are free from the fear of oxidization and corrosion of your metal surfaces as it has proven to stand the test of time against extreme weather conditions. Here is another one, does it come to your mind when you hear chrome plating that it’s only metals that can be chrome-plated?

Chrome Plating home

If yes, you need to have a rethink, as it has helped saved the lives of plastics too and has helped increase the durability and appearance, thereby turning an ordinary material into a premium, shiny, elegant piece.

What happens if you ever lose your beautiful, glittering coating on your favourite piece? Do you have to dispose of it? No! All you must do if you ever get tired or bored of your current finish is to strip it off and re-apply; that easy.

Now you love all you have read about chrome plating, but do you know some spoilers you need to look out for? For some, it means nothing while it is a significant determinant for some. Because of chrome’s ability to hold heat as a metal, it restricts some metals such as the alternator of your automobile or a pistol as this plating would add more weight of metal around it, thereby restricting its free movement, which may result in jamming of the parts or worse, explosion.


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