First, what is gold plating? Going by the phrase, it is the plating or covering of a thing in gold. It is the process of embellishing a piece of item that is not originally gold or that does not consist of pure or solid gold to be in gold. Concerning jewellery, Gold plating is different from gold items. Although it might seem expensive, gold plating worths it. Focusing on jewellery isn’t expensive as it is a substitute for getting gold jewellery. Gold jewellery is available but expensive, so gold-plated jewellery is obtained and used instead.

They look like gold as they are covered in real gold with different levels of thickness. This is usually less expensive; gold plating serves the looks with a hidden cost. Gold plating is worth it for the quality of what you are getting, although for some time.

Also, they are more durable. Gold is very soft and malleable, the purer gold is, the more malleable it is. So, some people prefer gold-plated jewellery because it is more durable. However, the disadvantage to this is that the gold sheet or lining can wear off after some time, maybe a long time, like a year. Authentic gold jewellery never does that.

However, this still has the better advantages of possessing gold jewellery at a lower average cost, which will also last long term. So, this explains gold plating does worth it for jewellery. However, the jewellery system isn’t the same with phones.

Gold Plating of Phones

Goldgenie originally has solid gold jewellery. In fact, with diamond cuts. We have the Gold Bullion Ingots investment pieces weighing 200 grams with 3 Carats GI certificate diamonds. At the same time, we still render services for gold plating of jewellery. These are jewellery that does not have their base model as gold. For phones, it’s a bit of a different case.

Phone components cannot be made up of gold only. There is the use of wires, chips, boards, iron, and so on. Solid gold that adds value monetarily, in durability, looks, etc., is entrenched on these phones to give the extraordinary and luxurious touch. Since it’s adding value all around, it justifies the necessity of the process. It sure pays to gold plate, having the capacity.

The Home That Makes Gold Plating Worthy

Far beyond phones and jewellery, many other tech devices can also be gold plated. The only problem you can have here at Goldgenie is selection as we have a wide range of pretty options, which is where customers can get stuck. But we render guides by taking your preferences and budget into consideration.

Your everyday items can now become ultra-high net worth solid gold here at Goldgenie. So do you have items that need to be plated in gold? Plating them in gold is the best option. It does worth the value it gives your phone, jewellery, or whatever it might be.